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Our zipline tours are fun for the whole family! SO there are  No tall towers, no swinging bridges, no ladders to climb and jump off of. We made ziplining fun and safe for everyone – and we mean everyone, from two to 102. For instance, We gain all elevation in our vehicle so there’s no hiking, climbing, or towers. Everyone zips together with ziplines  Hung throughout the trees, our ziplines total 7,000 linear feet and are  making great family adventures for everyone.

Do you want to join the fun but keep your feet on the ground? 
Learn more about our Tally-Ho Tour for Ground Lovers.


Sunburst Adventures is a 114-acre farm and offers a thrill for the entire family with Premier Zipline tours. 

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 available  form 20lbs up to 250lbs.

Starting at  $39.95 per person 


Fly with us for an exhilarating 2- 3 hour adventure, while soaring through the trees surrounded by twilight views of the waterways and ridge-lines. Level 3 tour only 

From $119.95


  • Suitable for two years old and older and no experience is necessary! Safety is our number one priority
  • Hands-free zipping! NO tall towers to climb, bridges to negotiate, or ladders, So that All our elevation is gained by vehicle ride, meaning no long hikes.
  • Soaring at heights up to 100 ft. above the forest floor as you descend through the trees.
  • Streaking along our 1,200 ft. zipline while overlooking the valley 
  • Race your friends with duel lines, with one line running through our (optional) fountain of fun!

Level 1 – $39.95 (5 lines) up to an hour 

Level 2 – $59.95 (7 lines) Includes zipping through a cave -1.5 to 2 hrs 

Level 3 –  $99.95(10 lines) includes the cave zipline plus+ – Up to 3 hrs 

(time depends on group size ) Groups up to 16 people at one time.  

TOURS ARE:  absolutely for everyone! 

  • This is the Level 3 tour at night!
  • Traveling into the opening of a goldmine cave!
  • Passing through 200 ft. of darkness as you feel the different temperatures of the cave.
  • Crossing two pastures and a large pond before descending into the trees.
  • Soaring at heights 100 ft. above the forest floor
  • Streaking along our 1,200 ft. zipline while overlooking the valley.
  • Race your friends along dual dueling lines, with one line running through our (optional) fountain of fun!

There are usually up to 16 people in a group along with two to three guides to assist and make sure you are safe along the way. Our sunset zipline tour is suitable for those as light as 30 lbs. and up to 250 lbs. All spirited ages and abilities are welcome and no experience is necessary.

  • All Levels  includes a four-wheel ride through our miniature animal farm that takes you to the first line. Then, take a 400 ft. “sea leg” zipline to get everyone acclimated to ziplines and learn the dos and don’ts for the tour.
  • Ziplines “wine” and “whiskey” really get you ready for the longer and higher lines. Level 2 and 3 
  • Our “sawmill” zipline takes you through the trees and over our sawmill to the first and only “cave” zipline. Level 2 and  3
  • Travel 700 ft. into the opening of our goldmine cave then through 200 ft. of darkness. You’ll definitely feel the different temperature in the cave. Level 3 
  • Our 1,000 ft. “moonshine” line crosses two pastures and a large pond before descending into the trees. Level 3 
  • Our “foxline,” at 100 ft. above the forest floor, is just awesome. Level 1, 2 and 3
  • “Holy Cow” lives up to its name. Our longest, at 1,200 ft., it starts with a beautiful view overlooking Batesville and the valley. A rapid descent over an acre pond ends on the parallel ridgeline.  Level 1,2 and 3. 
  • Then, double the fun with our “trick zip” —a double zipline with a twist. Show off your stuff while crossing our last pond in a duel! Level 1,2 and 3
  • Race your friends or family down the dueling lines but here’s the twist: one line splashes through our fountain of fun (summertime, and at your choice only), while the other stays dry. Which line will win, the wet line or the dry line?  Level 1, 2 and 3 

Someone in your group doesn’t/can’t zipline? For only $19.95 per person, they can follow along and join in the fun in our tally-ho wagon tour. Any age, size, or shape.

  • Please plan to wear clothing with expected weather conditions in mind.