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Horseback rides are suitable for any experience level, and riders seven years and older ride on their own horse. Mountain, lunch, and sunset rides do allow trotting and cantering when appropriate and the group is able.

Riders under seven ride double with a parent. Double riders sit behind the parent in a small seat and are required to hold on to a handle during the ride. One-hour rides and horseback rides with small children are generally slower paced.
Weight limit is 250 lbs.



This trail takes riders to an old moonshine still on a scenic 3-mile mountain ride with streams and wooded trails. Children 3-6 yr can ride double with a parent. 

From $64.95



This ride accesses the same trails as the shorter rides but penetrates the forest deeper for a total of 7-9 miles.

From $94.95


This is a great family family trip that’s perfect for the younger riders. Ride a mountain path to our miniature animal farm! Children 3-6 yrs ride double with a parent.

From $94.95


We’ll go through the forest to the highest mountain where we stop for a light meal to watch the evening fade.

From $129.95


After winding our way through forest mountain trails we descend into the valley for a delightful lunch stop.

From $129.95

When you take a ride on horseback, you want to enjoy the scenery. Many companies that offer “trail rides” are actually just taking you around their stables. If you’ve seen one barn, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s why we put in the extra effort it takes to find the most beautiful mountain trails and the most scenic views. When riding at Sunburst Adventure Park, we take you to all those out-of-the-way places that most people can only imagine. Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of breathtaking views in the North Georgia Mountains. Our trail rides are like little getaways that allow you to put all the stress in life behind you… for a little while, anyway.

We could all use a little variety in life, even when it comes to our adventures. That’s why we’ve put together a number of totally unique trail ride options you won’t find anywhere else. How would you like to see a real gold mine or old moonshine still? How about a quaint mini animal farm with adorable little furry critters? Or maybe you’d like a trail ride that’s fun for the kids. You can even go fishing on your ride at one of our three stocked ponds. No matter what your idea of adventure is, we’ve got something new for you to see! Try one of our adventure rides, or one that’s geared towards kids. We even design games and hang special treats from the trees that your kids can enjoy as they ride! Most trail rides force you to take it slow, so you don’t get the full experience. At Sunburst Adventure Park, we like a bit more excitement, which is why we allow our horseback riders to canter. Tired of boring trail rides? Take things a bit faster at Sunburst Adventure Park!

Our guides have over 30 years of experience taking people of all ages on unique horseback trail rides. That’s why we’re comfortable allowing people of all ages and all skill levels to come on our trail rides. Kids aged seven and up can even ride solo if they would like! In all the years we’ve been in operation, we’ve never had an accident on one of our trail rides, so you can be sure that you and your family is safe on your trail ride, thanks to our guides’ decades of experience.