Sunburst Adventures Activities

Horseback rides

Rides suitable for 7y/o riding on their own horses. Prices are per person

1hr moonshine still ride – $49.95

2hr mountain trail ride – $79.95

3hr sunset ride – $109.95

3hr lunch ride (includes lunch) $109.95

Rides suitable for all ages (3yrs plus) children under 7yrs old ride double with parent

1hr moonshine still ride – $49.95 single horse , $19.95 double rider

2hr family Adventure ride – $79.95 single horse, $39.95 double rider

(includes fishing, snack, mini animal farm entry, goldmine train ride, forge demo

Zipline tour:

Quickzip   (2 lines) any age  $29.95

2 hr zipline tour: no age limit, 20lbs up to 250lbs. $79.95

2 1/5 hr twilight premium tour  $109.95

AVT tour

2hr mountain trail :Minimum age 4 yrs old. 16yrs old and older can drive, under 16 can ride double.  $89.95 single atv, $49.95 child double rider

UTV rental

UTV rental for ATV tour: $239.95 ( driver + up to 3 passengers)

UTV rental for ATV tour: $289.95 (driver + up to 4 passengers)

COMBO Packages : Activities can be done on the same day/ or within 7 days of purchase

20% OFF ANY TOURS  PURCHASED AFTER THE FIRST ACTIVITY. Booking online: Purchase the first activity and your e-ticket will have the code to use for the additional activities. 

Boating trip:

Premium 3hr waterfall kayak trip : 4yrs old and up. $109.95


Premium Flyboard: 16yrs old and up – must swim.1/2 hour: $109.95