Sunset horseback ride

A beautiful end to a day. This ride takes you through the forest to the highest mountain in our area where we stop for a light meal and watch the evening fade. Upon mounting, ride back to the farm in the sunset. This ride offers trotting and cantering as the terrain and rider experience allows.

$109.95 per person   3 hr tour (includes light dinner)

Sunset zip tour

2  hour tour – ZIP into the sunset!

$109.95 per person (minimum 2 on tour)

For all you real thrill seekers out there, we are the ONLY zip line company in the area that offers a evening Tour! Zip  in the sunset  and soar on our cables at over a spectacular course as the sun sets through the trees! Any age and experience level. This is an awesome and  unforgettable experience.

Sunset ATV/UTV adventure Tour

ATV into the night on this awesome tour with head lamps and lights.  The full 2 hour ATV tour at sunset. Tour includes the full two hour ATV tour.

2  HR tour

Single ATV 109.95, double rider (69.95)

UTV 4 passenger $249.95         CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

UTV 5 passenger  $299.95        CALL FOR AVAILABILITY