Helen’s Premier 9 Zipline tour

 2 miles of cables: $79.95/ 9 ziplines


Try our Quickzip $29.95 per person   (2 lines)  no reservation needed

Full tour includes : A 4-wheel ride through our miniature  animal farm takes you to the first line. Then, take a 400 ft “sea leg” zipline to gets everyone acclimated to zip lines and learn the do’s and don’ts for the tour.

Ziplines “wine” and “whiskey” really get you ready for the longer and higher lines.

hold hands and zipline Our “sawmill” zipline takes you through the trees and over our sawmill to the FIRST and ONLY, “CAVE” zipline.

Travel 700 ft into the openning of our goldmine cave then through 200 ft of darkness. You’ll feel the different temperature in the cave.

Our 1000 ft “moonshine” line crosses two pastures and a large pond before descending into the trees, and our “Foxline,” at 100 ft above the forest floor, and is just awesome.

“Holy Cow” lives up to its name. Our longest, at 1200 ft, it starts with a beautiful view overlooking Batesville and the valley. A rapid descent over an acre pond ends on the parallel ridgeline.

Then,  double the fun with our “trick zip” —a double zipline with a twist. Show your stuff while crossing our last pond in a duel!zipline together

Race your friends or family down the dueling lines but here’s the twist: one line splashes through our fountain of fun (summertime, and at your choice only), while the other stays dry. Which line will win, the wet line or the dry line?


Someone in your group doesn’t /can’t zipline? They can follow along and join in the fun in our tally-ho wagon tour. Any age, and size or shape. Everyone gets in on the fun. $19.95 /per person (non-zipping)