Helen’s premiere zipline tour

$79.95 per person /2 hrs/ 9 ziplines

We include everyone in one, awesome tour.


No tall towers, no swinging bridges, no ladders to climb and jump off of. We made zip lining fun and safe for everyone.

The best part?

We gain all the elevation in our vehicle so….

No hiking, no climbing. No towers.  Everyone zips together. 

But is it fun? 

With 9 zip lines totaling 7000 linear ft! hung throughout the trees, this is a great family adventure for everyone.  

Yeah, It’s FUN

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Bring out the kids in all ages. Everyone zips together.  

Never zip lined before?

Try our quickzip $29.95 per person to experience the thrill (two lines/ 4 zips )

First come first serve between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm

zipline through a fountain

smaller the better

 Don’t want to zip?

Take the Tally-ho wagon and join the tour with your group while keeping your feet on the ground. Join your family and take pictures while a guide drives you through the course.

Our zip tour is suitable for 20lbs up to 250lbs.  All ages in one tour.  


 Purchase an additional activity and receive 20% off that activity. 

Sunset – evening zipline tour

2  hour tour into the sunset  zip tour : $109.95 per person

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For all you real thrill seekers out there, we are the ONLY zip line company in the area that offers a Sunset zipline Tour!  Jump in the dark and soar on our cables at over a spectacular course  as the sun sets through the trees!  Our tour is for all ages and abilities. Awesome, unforgettable experience for the whole family.